Ilievska Zavrsnik

Macedonian and Slovenian language services

What I Do

Teaching Slovenian and Macedonian courses.

Translating and interpretating from English to Macedonian and Slovenian.

QC and language assessing.



New Macedonian course starting at UCL this fall, see:


Who Am I

Graduated South Slavic languages and Sociology of Culture in University of Ljubljana. I am a linguist with almost two decades of experience. Mainly in translating and lately more in teaching. I like helping people explore another language and my students must like it too because they keep coming back for advanced lessons. I am an avid student of languages. In my free time I like to read books on grammar, history of languages, attend conferences, online courses and learn new languages. Currently I am learning Scottish Gaelic, so I understand how daunting foreign languages feel sometimes.


My Work

Teaching, translating, interpretating, assessing

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